Thanks for stopping by.

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea if you know anything about me or not, so I’m going to give you a little bit of an idea.

I come from a smalllllllllll town in WV, where I was raised in a four person home until I was about 14 and then my parents split. From then it was just me and my mom basically since my sister went off to college and my dad and I remained very close. I was lucky to really maintain an incredible relationship with both and believe that’s only because of their separation.

I went on to WVU and graduated in four years with a degree in Public Relations. I was a bartender all through college (and some after) while also working in our sports communications department. During that time I definitely spiraled into some pretty bad habits. Now I know so many people say, “it’s just college” but I really didn’t think my life was just going to POOF change for the better once I got my diploma so I had a wake up call my senior year.

I was reallllllllly miserable in my skin. I had an alcohol abuse problem and I was suffering from insane anxiety. I was about 30-35 pounds passed what felt comfortable to me, but most importantly, I didn’t feel like I had control over my life. I really felt like I had been going through the motions for so long and gave up on ME! I did everything I could to be “awesome sauce” on the outside, but on the inside, I was really struggling.

I was always in and out of working out. Eating healthy to me meant salads and less fried food. And as far as what I wanted to do with my career, well I was the “I’ll figure it out” girl. One of my best friends helped me get involved with her online wellness community and from that day forward, my life changed. For the first time ever, I actually did something I set my mind to. I actually stuck to goals I set and completed something. And on the bright side, my body and mind were transforming in a big way. 

Upon graduation, I stilllll wasn’t sold on the idea of going out and getting paid less to sit at a desk or do something that I had zero freedom with. So I decided to just stay with bartending until that thing came along that felt right. 

After continuing to feel my spirit waking up more and more, I decided to give back to others the way my friend did for me. Helping them show themselves that they actually can do what they set their minds to and helping them grow in love for themselves and for their life.

THIS was what felt right. But I had a lot of fears. I didn’t know if I could actually see something like this through. I was afraid of judgment. I was afraid I’d try and fail. BUT I decided why not?! I mean why not continue on my own wellness journey and help people in the process. It became my passion to get better every day, through every speed bump, moments of doubt and many mountains that came along the way. I fell in love with living again and I new I wanted to help others feel that way too.

I was able to continue my business while bartending and it continued to change my life in ways I never thought possible. Once you step outside your comfort zone and realize life is WAY BETTER there, you tend to want to keep doing it, at least I did. I had always had this dream to move away from WV just to try something new, see somewhere different. I LOVE my home state, but I wanted to see what the world had to offer me. SO I uprooted and came to Jacksonvile, FL where my best friend was currently living with her husband due to a Navy reassignment.

I had visited a few times and decided to save up and with the help of my second income, I made the move. LOTS of things can come from totally starting over and creating a new life somewhere, but my favorite part was being blind sided by the man of my dreams. We came across each other once a month before actually meeting where I got a bartending job. It was no mistake to work there either. It’s where my friend and I always went when I visited so it was only right to apply there first and I got the job! I saw him after a few days of training and to be honest, I was taken back. I was working on getting over a really unhealthy relationship I left behind and I was terrified to just dive into something. But once we went on our first date, I knew something was different. I walked into my apt and remember saying to myself, “my life will never be the same” and it hasn’t been, in the best way. Now living together and overcoming far more challenges than I ever would’ve expected come with love 😉 we’re roomies, besties and I fall more in love every day. (You’ll hear more about this, no worries – haha!)

Once I got my bartending job, I kept growing myself and growing my business. What I quickly came to realize was, it sucks not having TOTAL freedom with your time and life. There was a lot of freedom with bartending, but once I realized I really didn’t want to settle anymore, everything changed. I always wanted to run my online business full time, but I didn’t want it bad enough.

Until I was unable to see my family on Thanksgiving and I was sitting alone, crying in my apartment. Crying because, I felt disappointed that I hadn’t changed them up until then, but left those feelings in the past and pressed on. Through tons of challenges and lots of consistency, I left my bartending job at the end of February to pursue mentoring others towards their fullest, brightest and best self full time.

It’s come with it’s challenges, mainly just teaching myself a new way of thinking. Creating this brand new sense of ownership and really becoming better every day to pour that back into others. Every single day, no matter what, without fail, it’s always worth it. I’ve never felt that sense of gratitude towards anything in my life and I do my best to never forget that.

I’ve got big dreams for my future and an avenue to get there so I do all I can to show others what’s possible with some hard work, dreaming, doing and diligence.

I LOVE sharing my lifestyle, my mindset movements and everything that makes my heart FULL. I believe if we all strive to be our best selves, we’re always glowing with gratitude and spreading it everywhere we go and with everyone we meet.mack

I look forward to sharing with you. 

Talk soon babes!