12 Days of Christmas

Favorite Gifts Under $25!


I am writing this in the sense of my favorite gifts to give AND get! I also absolutely love knowing you can give such a valuable gift for such a reasonable price. Because am I the only one who wants to give literally everyone something? HAHA! Here’s a way to make giving to MORE people, more affordable.

I like the idea of giving an “experience” to someone. And these days I feel like more and more people aren’t doing this as often because it’s just so expensive to go. But there’s nothing like a nice movie night out. I got a Fandango gift card one year for Christmas and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! It made wanting to treat myself and someone else to a nice movie seem stress free and guilt free! I absolutely loved it! And you can get a few movie showings out of it for $25!

Don’t underestimate the power of a wildly cozy and comfy throw blanket. I swear, sometimes we may think “well it’s just a blanket” but I don’t know many people who don’t love a nice, new plush throw blanket. I know I can’t really relax for a movie or show on the couch without being covered up. I can’t nap without it either.

You just simply can’t go wrong with something you can eat or drink. In this case I’d say more along the lines of drink. A nice bottle of wine can go a long way or bottle of liquor (depending your audience) paired with a snack of some sort OR just 2 bottles of wine (again depending your audience)!

I might seem old for saying this, but SOCKS! I don’t just mean the plain white sneaker socks. I’m talking the fun, trendy, stylish kind. It seems like I always stock up then lose some OR I can’t ever have enough. Fun sets of tights, socks, and HATS are my favorite. If someone bought me an assortment of these things, I guarantee I’d wear them more than the one pair of pants. Am I making you rethink your gift giving yet!?

I was going to take the time to type out all of these choices but how about instead I’ll say “LITERALLY” almost anything in TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls. When I know I need a solid gift for an affordable price, I roll in there. Between the knick knacks, to the fairly priced frames, to the mugs and snacks and wall hanging pictures and books. You name it! In fact, one year I think I covered one whole side of my family in one of those stores for like $100!

For the sentimental type: a framed photo or blown up photo on a canvas.  The look on my Dad’s face a few years ago when we gave him a photo of my sister and I for above his fireplace was priceless. Although it wasn’t under $25 because my uncle took care of it for us being he was the photographer and we were really, really poor college students at the time, it did spark the idea for many christmases following and really any occasion that a photo is worth so much but actually can cost so little. Or even just printing a photo and hitting up TJ Maxx for the affordable frame. This is one of my favorite gifts to give, especially for family. And really to receive! The more photos around of the ones I love, the better in my opinion.

That’s all for now. Until my Mom supplies me with some genius ideas because I know she will. I hope whatever you give, you give with love. And whatever you receive, you give love back for it!


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