12 Days of Christmas

A few of my FAVS!

Okay here goes! I’d love to know your’s below!

Eggnog or hot chocolate? Definitely egg nog (especially with dark rum). I’ve grown into that answer!

click image for recipe!

Turkey or ham? This is a tough one for me but I’d have to say ham. The turkey is too hit or miss (depends the cook which is never me) and I like to fry the ham the next day for sammies! 

Decorating before or after Thanksgiving? Well this year we decorated before because we were out of town the week of Thanksgiving and I definitely didn’t want to do it after that long trip. So I absolutely loved coming home to the house already decorated. I recommend it if you’re going out of town for Thanksgiving. However, we did the outside lights after! 

He was CLEARLY thrilled!

Christmas eve or Christmas? No brainer. Christmas. I love Christmas Eve, but I don’t think anything beats that feeling on Christmas morning. And the nap in the afternoon. 

Real tree or fake tree? I wish I could say real, but I have way to much fear of fire so fake from here on out! 

The tree at my Mom’s! Every ornament tells a story & there are a LOT of them!

Wrapping paper or bag? paper! When I was a kid, I used to look forward to wrapping for my mom and grandma! I loved it. I’m not knocking bags, but honestly, the look of the pretty paper is worth it I think!  

Elf or The Christmas Story? Elf! I can’t believe I JUST watched it all the way through for the first time this year but I loved it. I loved what it stands for.

Pumpkin Pie or Apple pie? MMM pumpkin! With extra whipped cream! 

Top Five Favorite Holiday Movies!

It’s a Wonderful Life – I just can’t help myself! This movie is a bit dark, but the message in it should be broadcasted for all to see. It shares an important message that I think everyone needs especially around the holidays.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – “The shitter’s full!” Need I say more?

The Santa Clause – I feel like I just grew up with this one. And I loved how it turned a nonbeliever into a believer! Oh and the man in charge.

The Holiday – A Christmas rom com and a classic I think. Makes me all mushy gushy which is more than necessary at times.

Home Alone – The original. Just because it honestly never gets old!

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