12 Days of Christmas

Healthy tips for the Holidays!

I’m just going to start out by saying, please spare me the eye rolls. I know this is a time to indulge. Even as a health and wellness mentor, I get it. It’s not that I don’t think we should, I think we can save ourselves some actual physical, mental and emotional agony though by not over doing it. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too.

(I still don’t get that) LOL!

Keep in mind, these are tips too! But I’ve found that I’d rather stay mindful and aware than full of regret and too much nut rolls. I really do think there is such a thing.

First off, remember Christmas is one day. Christmas Eve is one day. New year’s is one day. So what I think we tend to do is basically tell ourselves the “holidays” are the entire month of December. Which they are in a sense, but we don’t have to have to let that be our free ride to not give a crap. In fact, right now, I’d be doing all I could to just stay on top of things. Eating balanced meals, only having ONE cookie at the office lunch instead of 3 since it’s the “holiday” party. Continuing to get a 30 minute sweat sesh in and really stay mindful each day of what I’m consuming.

Next be sure to just drink tons and tons of water. I know you might think that makes you bloated and it doesn’t sound satisfying, but it’s going to keep your metabolism flowing, it’s going to keep things moving and breaking down as you eat them and make you feel much better each morning after some indulging.

Don’t get upset with yourself FOR indulging. This isn’t meant to confuse you since I just said it’s OKAY to indulge a little. This is meant to keep you aware of what you’re telling yourself while eating that cookie or having those drinks. I think we hurt ourselves more by getting down on ourselves for “splurging” and then guess what we do out of regret… splurge more. Hence, way more guilt which is harder to lose than weight. Girl just let yourself LIVE. Loosen up a little and I’ll bet you notice you are splurging less.

Like I said before, you best be sweating. Even some early morning yoga and stretching will wake your system up the right way.  This not only is helping your body continue to burn, you are continuing to just treat your body right, which in turn you’ll do in the kitchen too. However, I can’t stand when someone says they’re “earning” their dessert or working off all the buffalo chicken dip. Thinking of a workout that way is far more negative than you can imagine. Workout through the holidays because it makes you a better person. It helps you clear your mind and be more present. It serves your body and your soul too!

I’m going to give you some mental tips too. Because I think we center this time of year too much around “weight gain” and don’t pay near enough attention to mental strain, exhaustion, stress, anxiety – you name it. And you know why there is weight gain, all of those things come into play. So I recommend a quiet five minutes to yourself each morning. NOT scrolling your Facebook or checking your bank account. A quiet 5 minutes to think of all the things you’re grateful for. Just five minutes to imagine how happy you are and see yourself totally crushing the family gatherings and holiday parties. 5 minutes to really just soak in what your spirit needs and stay mindful of what this season is truly about. I recommend a daily devotion, maybe a quick 5 minute mindset focused video on youtube. Here is one of my absolute favs!

Finally just remember that you are in control of your choices. I know you’re around your entire family and friends, but your best you is you feeling your best. So when you’ve had enough, just stop. When you aren’t feeling that night out and know you need to stay in, that’s okay. Listen to what you need and in turn, you’ll be better for everyone around you.

Happy Holidays! Be sure to stay HAPPY too!

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