80 Day Obession

Here we go!

It’s the weekend prior and I gotta tell ya, I am feeling the butterflies. Mainly because I’m making the mistake of seeing it as a lump sum of 80 days.

Yes. That’s how long this program is going to run.

And no. I’ve never done something this long with the attitude that I’m going all the way!

Meaning that I’m going all in. I’ve really learned that you have to give yourself that discipline to see the results you want. And if you don’t, you have to understand the outcomes will be different. SO your actions have to match your expectations and my expectations are high. 

I really want to get in peak physical condition because I never have. I’ve never gone down a road this strenuous and tough. Most of my journey up until now has been weight loss focused from falling off track or getting to this place in the first place losing 35+ pounds collectively. But my goals with this are to not only lose what doesn’t need to be there but instead gain. Gain the strongest perspective I’ve ever had along with one strong booty. Yup this program is abs and booty focused and I’m going to be loving the sculpting aspect.

The nutrition feels a little scary. Full disclosure, I’ve never successfully meal prepped 2+ weeks in a row. Most programs I’ve been successful with were a month tops and while I learned A TON that I worked into my daily life and routine, I still never felt something just become part of habit. I know if I want to be successful in these 80 days, those habits are going to HAVE to be formed. And then without even realizing it, they’ll continue because over that time I really took the time to develop my routine.

DEVELOP being another key word.

I’m working with myself and my challengers to really keep us focused on who and what we’re developing with this. It’s going to be a process. There will be no instant rewards. But even better than that, those small wins over that period of time will be the most fun to celebrate. I want to develop myself through this. My mindset, my work ethic, my perspective. I want to be sharper, more focused, more everything while keeping my health in the center.

That was actually the original purpose behind this – to become obsessed with your health. And it’s not just as cut and dry as workouts and food, but also getting more sleep, improving my relationships, growing my business, doing big things!!! It’s OK to be obsessed with taking care of yourself. I’m actually uncertain right now why we all aren’t, all the time?

If you think about it we only get one of these lives. And I hate to go there, to the deep stuff. But it’s true.

Every time I get ready to make some big shifts, I really put myself in that place. I remind myself what really matters, what you really need to be happy and how important being your best self is for everyone else around you. It’s so easy to just give, give, give to others and think we’re doing the right thing but only if we’re first filling our cup and have something to give.

YALL! It’s the afternoon of day one and before I posted I just wanted to add a little reflection on what it’s been like so far.

This morning came kinda ROUGH! I didn’t get up at the time I planned, I’m not used to eating right before a workout, and I started to get all anxious. So I made a little video log for you!! (In video – what I meant is I don’t recommend NOT eating before a workout)

My nutrition has been DELISH! I’m excited to share more at the end of the week how it’s been to continue with it. I wanted to go this full week and work out any kinks I saw to share a meal plan with you!!! But knowing exactly what color containers to eat when is so far freeing.

I’m excited. Focused. Little scared. But overall grateful.

I woke up today. And I had the opportunity to really become BETTER today. That’s more than I can ask for.

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