80 Day Obession

Learning, loving and letting go!

What an exciting, yet trying, first week!

I am learning a lot about my body. The first few days especially I felt very tired, groggy, my head was hurting. You might be thinking, “lol some plan…” but that’s where you’re wrong. I was eating SO badly, that my body felt shell shocked by the whole foods and nutrition and the way harder workouts and new timed eating. So while it was tough, I actually really enjoyed listening to myself and my needs. I got more sleep, drank more water and let myself heal and gain strength. Feeling like a million bucks now!

Also learning about the amount of food it actually takes to be fueled, burn fat, build muscle and gain strength. I am in a group with the creator of the program and about 40K more people. All in which are on totally different journeys but very shocked by the amount of food, their reactions (bloated and gassy) and how they’re not immediately dropping weight. The bloat and gas is again just your body adjusting to the foods and the stress from the workouts. WHICH gets better. But yes, one or two meals a day isn’t going to help you shed that unwanted weight or tone those certain areas. There’s a lot of fitness in that too, but it is mainly nutrition. Our bodies are like pretty badass and they need a lot to stay on top of their game to begin BURNING and BUILDING!

OMG I am loving the energy behind this program. It had one of the biggest launches our company has ever seen. And my personal group has about 50 people in it including some of the coaches on my team. We have a wellness group with about 300 people in it. But more than the numbers who are there, people are SHOWING UP in a big way. Sharing their journey, doing the hard and uncomfortable and it’s inspiring! Honestly, I used to do some classes with some friends back in college but we were only together for 30 mins to an hour. SO what about the rest of the day when you’re on your plan and trying to do your best? THAT is why staying plugged in on our phones in an app is so great! Checking in whenever for support and love.

Also loving the freedom I am feeling from the discipline! I’ve been utilizing the color coded portion containers for a few years now. And man did they change the game for me, but this took it to a whole new level. Specific meals (color combinations) at specific times of day that work into your schedule. At first we were ALL like that seems kinda scary. How the HECK will we do that? One week in and I’m like YES! The container combos are the same, but your meals don’t have to be. You can mix and match each food group. BUT it’s super easy to learn what to eat when. By day 5 I had my meals memorized and I just knew what to eat when. There was total freedom in that. It feels structured, sure… but wouldn’t you rather just be told what to eat to see the best results possible then have more work in weighing things, figuring out what goes where?

Plus adding in my superfoods smoothie doesn’t suck. It’s chocolate and it’s meal plan approved. It’s actually required because your results depend on it! It’s saving me time and money each week. The amount that the ingredients in just ONE smoothie costs is like $84+ dollars because of the vitamins, minerals, pre and pro biotics, superfoods from across the world. And I’m totally rocking it for $4 a day!

I am letting go of the finish line. I was actually chatting with a bff of mine doing this program too and we chatted about the no booze factor because we decided to REALLY follow this thing and see it through it’s entirety. Really testing the program (being that we’re some of the first ones) and testing ourselves by seeing JUST what we’re made of. I’ve done that before with a 3-4 week program but never something that’s going to span over 3 months. When this was coming out, I had myself convinced there was literally NO WAY. But I’ve found a lot of strength in just trusting a day by day mindset.

Of course there will be testing times when you’re working towards such big goals, but that’s why they’re BIG goals. It’s actually freeing when you just decide this is the way it is and that’s IT. When you give yourself that wiggle room, it makes it harder I think. And that’s why I failed so many times. I know some of this isn’t forever, but right now in my mind – it is. I’m not letting myself go towards what I’m not having, not getting. But instead what I am gaining, what I get to experience through this. I went from stuffing my face every day with cookies, chips and beer to just NOT. And it’s been a lot easier because of that thought process.

I just took some week 1 progress pics to see where I’m at and seriously SOOO excited at how subtle the changes are. Which I must admit is totally not like me. But there’s something about what I’m going through that’s making me want to WORK for it. I’m excited for this process because I believe it’ll bring an even greater reward. And when you’re working towards that thing that scares you, that you’ve never done, or that major change, it’s tough to see it over night or in just one week. But as the weeks compound, MY GOSH I think we’re all going to be shocked.

A little clean eating can go a long way!
I felt so much more relaxed standing there!

I’ll be taking photos all throughout this journey. I’m even going to take more “befores” at the end of week 1 (right now). Because there is a LOT of growth to be had. My coach told me to go for my dream body and I am DOING that! It’s not going to just show in “losses” either. ❤ Share with me your thoughts!

Thanks babes!

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