80 Day Obession

It’s only week two?!

…..Because I can’t believe how far we’ve come ALREADY!

Just completed week 2 and it’s definitely getting easier. Which is crazy because week 2 was always the toughest for me but I actually really listened to my body and bumped up an eating bracket. I’m eating MORE and losing MORE. Interesting how I always thought to lose the weight or inches, I needed to be eating less. Once again, this program proves that wrong. Oh and I’m up a pound, but I am NOT stressing about that. Mainly because I’ve lost 2.5 inches JUST off my waist. So I’ll take going up a pound.

That’s the thing. You have to decide if the scale will rule your life. It really never has for me, and I believe that’s why I’ve seen consistent success.

This program has begun a revolution! I heard from the creator herself, Autumn Calabrese, that DAILY around 200,000 people are logging into our fitness app and COMPLETING these workouts. This is bigger than some inches lost and a booty being lifted (although, I’m not mad about that) haha! This is about a community coming together in a BIG way. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years and I’ve never seen this many people start and still be here finishing up week 2. Why? Well it somewhere along the line in those moments of instant gratification becomes easier to quit on yourself. To just give up. But in reality, that’s not the easy decision. That’s the one that sets you up for tougher ones later. Instead we’ve all come together and decided we’re going to do this to the best of our abilities. Which DOES look different for everyone. This program wasn’t designed JUST for someone looking to tone, but also for someone who has A MASSIVE transformation to under go and I’m seeing it happen right before my eyes. This was created for anyone who wants to work on having a positive attitude through it all. HENCE why so many people are seeing results and sticking around.

In our community, especially so far, we are leaving the complaining at the door. We are leaving the scarcity mindset behind us. We are staying focused on what we’re gaining from this newfound discipline we’re all slowly but surely creating. From this POWER we’re feeling when we do something we never thought possible, or because we are making it through the day focused on the good instead of the bad. We are cheering each other on and celebrating BIG wins! But also creating a space for you to come and be REAL. I’ve done it, my girls have done it. It’s not to say this is easy. But what worth having is? Remember how I said it may seem easier to just throw in the towel? It’s def not. It’s easier to just give yourself grace, show up and keep going. Excuses only make things HARDER.

More from the group!!!

A post I shared today:

“I want you guys to know how excited I am for you that you’re doing this long, challenging program! Here’s why!

That was me like 3 years ago far left! I had just completed my 2nd 21 day fix extreme workout and was DEAD! But I felt SO GOOOOOD in that picture I remember. I was so proud of myself for DOING IT!!!!! And over the last 3 years, I have found INSANE results with ALL of these programs. MAINLY shakeology! It’s why I never put the 35-40 pounds back on. But I WOULD go up and down a lot. I’d either be in or out. And it would be frustrating at times. I’m not 80/20 ing this program, yet I’m finding BALANCE 😭 and freedom 🙌🏼

And fitness, health, your body, it all takes TIME! And that’s what I want you to see here.
USE IT WISELY with 80 day obsession. Because even tho these photos are years apart, I feel had I committed to something like this then, it would’ve been a game changer in SO MANY WAYS! What you

’re doing right now is setting you up for the rest of your life. Because come April when we’re done, this will just BE your way of life.
Here I am now tho in a bod

y I’ll be honest I’m SO MF PROUD OF!!!!!! This is about progress guys. Always doing better. ENJOYING THE RIDE! You will never be happy if you’re here f

or punishment or because u resent urself. Trust the process, eat, drink ur shakeology and just do your best 💕

Second pic is week 1 to now. I bumped up a bracket and lost 2 1/2 inches in my waist. But went up a pound 😉. I’ve never focused on that and I’m not gonna now! It’s all in the inches!!

I hope you see we all start somewhere. And your results are a direct reflection of showing up with hard work and effort + time = L O V E”


I am changing the way I look at life. I feel more present, positive, more proud. I’m really not stressed out about what I’m going to be eating next or how crappy the pizza and beer I had all weekend is making me feel. You may be thinking that a “plan” of any kind is stressful for food. Or at least I used to. Totally not the case. If anything, this is the easiest plan I’ve ever followed. The portion containers stay in the same arrangement ALL DAY. So that doesn’t mean I eat the same things, I just always know what I need to eat. It makes it easy to plan ahead, to switch up the grub. Also when eating out it’s great too. This isn’t about like not having butter or never eating a carb. It’s just all about portioning it out. I went out to eat this last week and had cod, roasted veggies, and potatoes. And ya know, it fit perfectly into my final meal. I didn’t need all the extras we sometimes think we need when we’re out to eat. I felt more engaged in the convo, more comfortable after my meal. Sometimes when I’d eat out, I’d eat so MUCH that I was legit ready to peace out after eating because I felt sick and uncomfortable. We stayed and talked for 2 more hours!!!

I’m excited to coach the next wave of girls! I’ve learned a lot so far! It’s incredible to not only be working on your best self, but doing it with others who are trying too! We are a force!

Fill out the link below to join us!


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