Why do we have to be on something?

And by on something I mean the wagon, the horse, the train, whatever you’re calling it these days when you refer to your “healthier” lifestyle.

I’ve seen the wagon (I’m gonna go with that) seriously keep me from moving forward in a lot of areas of my life. But mainly when it came to my fitness and nutrition when I had the goal to really change some things. I was super miserable and really defeated about 35 pounds heavier but more than that, letting a wagon control my life, which by the way is why I was so miserable and defeated.

This wagon has kept many of the girls I work with from seeing the progress they’re TOTALLY capable of. Notice I said progress. Because this really isn’t about an end result. It’s about getting better every day.

First things first, let’s think about it this way: if you were never on something, you literally COULDN’T fall off.

If it didn’t even exist, then falling off wouldn’t either.

And neither would trying to get back on.

So let’s take the wagon off the table, out of our minds, out of sight. It will not serve you AT ALL. I bet you don’t wake up after just kinda a rough day or difficult break that life hits you with and say you’ve fallen off and need to get back on. Nope. You JUST keep going. Because there’s no alternative.

How about looking at it like that; like you have no other choice. I’ll get to the mindset that comes with that, but it’s important that you finally LET GO of the wagon. It’s really only there I think to mess with your head. To give you a reason to tell yourself you’ve failed. To make it seem SO HARD to get back on when in reality — it’s really not.

Did you know you are the one who can control and decide whether or not you think you’ve failed?

Failure REALLY is whenever your result doesn’t match up to whatever pre conceived expectations you had.

I’m not saying lower your expectations or standards or goals. But I am saying that if you fall short, you can decide whether or not you want to say it’s a failure or exactly what it is which is just a moment you can LEARN from.

Maybe it’s a Friday night and you’re heading out with friends and you just started working on creating some balance in your life and making healthier decisions to lose some weight or just feel BETTER in your skin. You go out and you’re totally determined to not have any alcohol or veer from the healthier options you know are on the menu. But you do. Then because you tell yourself you failed and you’re “off the wagon” that gives you permission to stay off and crush the chips and the bottle of wine once you get home too. Then comes Sunday and you know it’s a new week and you can “get back on track” but because you’ve spent the whole weekend feeling “off”, it feels IMPOSSIBLE to make any steps forward. Really ONLY because you spent the whole weekend telling yourself you FAILED. Which isn’t that inspiring if I’m being honest. And it’s definitely why you feel like you can’t get off this hamster wheel.

Speaking from experience because that was me. Rinse and repeat. It was such a vicious cycle. Only most times that would happen and I’d be in my head coaching myself to believe I’d failed for WAY LONGER than a weekend. And don’t get me wrong, I have weekends where I do exactly those things now. Eat whatever I want, have way too much wine. But not as often and there’s not a self loathing party afterward, which makes indulging like WAY MORE FUN. 😉

If there was no wagon and NO option for failure (because you get to decide), I bet you’d take that night and think to yourself, “Ya know what, I know I could’ve done BETTER. But this is a learning experience. And next time I’ll have one less drink and skip the bread before my meal and go home satisfied. Next time I’m not going to put myself down and I bet I make better choices and feel better about myself because of it.”

That is how I learned to THINK. 

I can’t tell you how many times in the last 3 years I could’ve told myself over and over “you’ve screwed up!!”

But really what good does that do?

All that you have is the NEXT CHOICE.

Yes. Choice.

You can choose to continue on (not get back on). You can choose to just show up and try harder the next day. AND THEN one day it’s going to feel like second nature. It’s going to feel easy to do those things that once felt so foreign and difficult. You won’t be craving the donuts in the lunch room because you know they’re not really what you need. You won’t skip your workouts because you know how much better you’ll feel. You won’t put yourself down because you know you can overcome anything. 

Let GO of the wagon, horse, train and just visualize a road where you can keep laying bricks every day that you can build on and then start laying more than one as you feel stronger. Keep building a strong foundation because THEN you’ll never crumble. 

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