80 Day Obession

Meet Me Halfway

I am absolutely blown away.

I’m not kidding when I say it’s hard for me to put this experience into words and we’re only just now reaching the halfway point. I think my facial expressions from day one to now say it all.

There’s so much power in saying I will and then you do. I would not have made it this far though without my group of incredible ladies doing this program with me! I’m asked a lot how I stay motivated and that’s how. I used to HATE going to basketball practices, but my team would be there and they gave me a reason to show up. Same thing with this kinda. Growth and change are never really that easy, but they’re worth it. SO having a group around you that inspires you to SHOW up makes it a heck of a lot easier. A group that you can tune into when it’s convenient for you (PS) because it’s on an APP!

Because yes, at first when you are trying to implement new actions and new habits, that first starts with your brain telling you to do it. And if your brain isn’t used to it or comfortable, it’ll immediately feel FEAR. But that’s just the natural thing for our brain to do. Say warning — go the other way. DANGER! When in reality, staying the same is the dangerous way to live. If you can prepare yourself for that and fight through it with the help of other girls going through the same (and ME), those uncomfortable actions begin to feel normal.

That’s what’s happening here.

We didn’t just commit to that for a week or 2. In fact, I think now that makes it SO HARD. Dive in and give it your all for 80 days. And I guarantee there will be less “starting over” going on. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling.

I was talking to a girl today who is seeing insane results, she’s stuck with this longer than anything before and she’s like UMMM what’re we gonna do when this is over? I was like DUHH keep going!!! haha!

SO let me share some logistics. Because I’m speechless over the results. And people have even been hating on our trainer saying there’s just no way, and truthfully, that may just be because you’ve never seen the results I’ve seen or the random girl you’re stalking on Instagram because YOU’RE NOT ME. Or her. We’ve stayed really focused on running our own race because the race itsself has been the best part.

The eating.

I don’t know if you remember or not, but I was pretty terrified of this eating plan. I heard the word “timed” and thought “NOPE, NO WAY!” and I soon realized this was going to FREE me. I think the WHOLE REASON so many of us struggle, I know it’s why I did for so long, is it’s just EASIER in the moment to grab fast food. To make the quickest choice. To just fly by the seat of your pants. And it doesn’t mean you’re in food jail if you create some kind of plan and follow it except this one’s already made for you so it’s EVEN EASIER! “Timed” really just means — “hey you need to be eating about every 2-3 hours to help your body build a faster metabolism and feel it’s best.”


But for example, I already know every single day what foods I’ll be eating at what times and what combinations of things. And it’s not rocket science (thank god)! I don’t have to sit at the dinner table and count any calories or macros, micros, it’s already done for me. I go by colors. That’s right. COLORS which are assigned to food groups that are portioned out. But the game changer is — I don’t even have to arrange those colors throughout the day. Basically trying to figure out when to eat vegetables and when to eat my carbs is DONE for me. SO all we do is know what’s coming and have it available.

I follow nothing fancy. And after a WEEK I was in a groove. I remember always trying to just “eat every 2-3 hours” and I would.. I’d eat the worst food ever haha! This makes my life EASIER even though I thought it was going to ruin it LOL! I went to my friend’s last night to babysit and I just took food with me. I knew what I’d eat when and I thought like …. “WOW! I didn’t have to like stress about ordering take out or like wonder when I’d eat..” I just KNEW. There has been so much freedom in this discipline. Also within that plan is an already made up blend of superfoods, veggies, proteins, pre and probiotics, vitamins, minerals, so that’s one less meal I “make”! OH AND it’s chocolate.

The workouts.

These are tough. I won’t lie. And if you’ve been following along on my Insta stories, you better not be thinking… “there’s no way”! Girl. There is. First off you’re seeing me in the middle when you’d start at day one just like me. This program is designed to progress as YOU get stronger. And trust me, you will.

They are different every day with certain focused ones like booty day, legs, cardio, but ALL so very entertaining. I love that I am really feeling like I’m at a personal training session but just in my living room. I really, really never looked forward to a workout. I just looked at it like I need to do this because it does make me feel good. But now the workout is one of my favorite parts of my day. Never thought I’d say that but it’s true.

We’re utilizing specific equipment that’s so chill. I’m not talking a bowflex. I’m talking like colorful loops that will be the best and worst enemy of your tush.

Not stopping now.

I’m really excited to just keep going. Because this really is so much more than a physical process. I feel very connected to myself. And that might seem kinda cliche, but I think it’s just when you don’t feel like you NEED something external to make you feel good internally.

It’s never too late to join us. I’ll be opening up another group like the one I described to get ready for summer! Don’t wait. If you’ve been wondering, just get in touch. Because I told my BF today how GLAD I am that I jumped on this when I did. I’d be so mad at myself if I wouldn’t have just dove in totally freaked out and scared because it’s made the journey that much more rewarding and I’ve learned more for it.


I look forward to chatting!

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