Our Love Story

The One Where We Moved Into A House

LITERALLY the day after we got back from our trip to Mexico, Darren came home after having lunch with his son and said something along the lines of “I have to tell you something and you might freak out a little bit but I think it’s going to be okay…”

And I’m like HUH?! HAHA! I specifically remember starting to sweat.

What he did say to me at first made me feel frustrated and freaked and THEN I saw it as a positive, exciting opportunity. But most of all, I felt like it was on purpose.
The people we were renting from told him they decided they wanted to sell the townhouse we were living in like ASAP. Meaning, they would contact us the next day to come over and check things out to put it on the market.
We decided right away we didn’t want to be on their time though, just waiting around to see if it sold AND THEN find a place. We immediately hopped in the car that day and had so much fun browsing around and just checking things out.
YES I will get mushy during this. It was the first time we were “shopping around” for a place to live TOGETHER. When we first met he was helping me find a good place to live (just me). Then I moved in with him where he was because we felt that was the best decision rather than finding something different.
We started shopping around and realized that it might be harder than we thought.
We weren’t looking to buy. We didn’t buy the house we’re in. That would’ve been really fast LOL! Because we aren’t quite there YET but we are enjoying every step of this journey TOO!
So we started looking and found some places. Checked them out and had some disagreements but for the most part we wanted SPACE, a yard and a relatively newer feel because where we were before was SO outdated.
We checked a few places out and after we looked at a house that we THOUGHT we’d love more but ended up just kinda NOT, I was feeling discouraged. I was scared that we’d have to just SETTLE for something because we felt rushed and just stressed about the whole thing. By settle, in no way did I feel like any of the houses would’ve SUCKED. We would’ve had a roof over our head. But at the same time, I had this DREAM built up in my mind that it’d feel right. I wanted it to feel right.
So after leaving that showing I went over to my best’s house and started explaining everything, filling them in more and more. And her hubby (being the researching type) went to work. He immediately got on his phone while I was complaining (LOL) and found a few AMAZING spots. Because honestly, things were getting listed QUICK but also taken down QUICK. So he showed me the house we’re in now that was AMAZING. Literally checked all the boxes. Neighborhood, design, NEWLY REMODELED, open floor plan and SPACE. Even in our price range which I still can’t believe.
So in my frantic “what do I have to lose” mindset I called the number listed with it like (OH IDK) 3-4 times. Maybe 5? Finally the guy called me back and I was so eager and excited that I said we wanted to see as soon as we could. We made an appointment for the next morning.
*glimmer of hope*
We went to see it and just fell in love. Plus the guy renting it was just so nice. There was history with the home even though it felt brand new when we walked in! So we told him we were very interested and he gave us an application along with warning us he’d make a decision SOON so bring it back as soon as we can. SO of course we did that day (thankfully)! When I took it back he said he’d make a decision (soon) so still there was a grey area. And he mentioned that 7 other families had returned one as well. This all had to have happened within 48 hours PS.
I went home and just thought “WELL, if it’s meant to be it will be.” I was stressing but I was also confident that if we were meant to live there, we would. If not, something even better would come along. I trusted God in that aspect. That night that’s exactly what I prayed for. I didn’t pray FOR THE HOUSE. I prayed for where we were MEANT TO BE. For what God wanted.
The next morning I wake up and see this number on my phone around 8:30. It was the landlord saying he’d like to give us FIRST DIBS because after a lot of consideration, he felt I was the MOST PERSISTENT in pursuing the house. Remember those 4 missed calls he had from me? No really, it was by the grace of God. It really was.
So …
Wednesday we FOUND the house online and inquired.
Thursday we went to see it and return the application.
Friday we got the call that we had first dibs and we took it.
Yes we did some considering on our end too. Because it was a stretch all at once to make this leap but it felt right and we couldn’t deny that. And guess what, we had what we needed and it worked out. Again, I say this in all seriousness, this opportunity, this crazy thing couldn’t have come at a better time for us although it seemed so random.
The following Wednesday (a week from FINDING the house) we were moving in. We got the Uhaul and did it in a day. With the help of family and friends of course LOL!

It was absolutely insane. A whirlwind. And to be honest, something I’ll remember and cherish forever. We had a blast packing up. Even though it was exhausting, we made it fun. The experience made us stronger in so many ways.
On Thursday after moving everything, we went back to our old place to do some touching up and grab a few more things and I teared up when we left. We were officially handing in our keys that day.
I was like WAIT this was our first place together. Darren told me he loved me on that back porch for the first time. We sat in this driveway for hours talking when we first started dating. We had some (passionate disagreements) here as Darren liked to call them that helped shape us in so many amazing ways. I grew closer to Boston here (his son). I built my business in the windowsill of our bedroom. We made so many amazing meals. GOSH I could go on and on about the memories. SERIOUSLY. And what’s so funny is a lot of them weren’t these BIG moments, but really small times where we were just BEING.
And as we were driving away, as I was shedding some tears telling Darren how much that place really did mean to me, how we made it OUR first home together, how we fought HARD for where we were moving TO, how I took my business that was going backwards 10 steps forward from sitting in the corner in our bedroom, believing and doing the work! And he said that it didn’t matter the PLACE, all that mattered was WHO we were with. That the memories will always be sweet as long as we’re together.
I personally grew a lot in that townhouse. I had never lived with my significant other before and it brought out more growth IN ME personally than anything. It’s not always necessarily your relationship that needs work, it’s YOU! And therefore your relationship WORKS. There were days where we had to pick each other up to keep going. And keep going we did. We would’ve NEVER been able to make all of this happen 6-8 months ago. God had his own vantage point the WHOLE time. And we’re beyond grateful for that.
Our girl is pretty happy with her yard, too.

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