Let God Take His Time On You

It was about a year ago that I was freaking out. Literally.

I had been going to our church for a few months prior and really felt I needed to expand what I was currently doing. I must admit though, a lot of this is because of the amazing people I was surrounded by. And you know what, that’s always on purpose. The right people are there at the right times when you need them most to give you those good nudges.

I’ve been singing for a lot of my life, but I never really understood what I was supposed to do with it. I tried out for American Idol when I was 18. I tried out for America’s Got Talent in January of 2017. I sang the National Anthem on a few big stages. I started doing that at like 10 I think. I sang in church as a kid. I had some leading roles in my choir. I’ve had the honor of singing at friends’ weddings. Karaoke was my thing back in college. But something was always missing. The fulfillment wasn’t there even though it meant the WORLD TO ME that everyone always really enjoyed hearing me sing. I couldn’t figure out why I had a voice but I didn’t want to use it? Not in the way I really felt like I was supposed to I guess.

THEN long story short I wind up in Jacksonville going to church again consistently with a few girlfriends of mine which turned into bringing my boyfriend. Auditions to be a part of our church’s worship team were coming up. Literally I had to be nudged and then nudged again. It was like one of those things where I knew I had to audition because my girlfriends and boyfriend were accepting nothing less. That’s kinda how it always was with me. I had to be threatened to get up and sing. Unless I was a few glasses deep (haha!)

I decided on the LAST DAY the auditions were open to submit. Come to find out I had to learn a brand new song for the audition which was THAT SAME NIGHT. I had made up in my head it’d be like every other audition I did. I’d go in with a song I felt confident in, sing in front of strangers and see what they thought.

Not. The. Case.

I immediately began thinking there’s no way I can do this. I can’t learn a brand new song and memorize it by like 6PM tonight. It was 10 in the morning. My boyfriend who I’d just started living with at the time was not accepting that. He said “you have nothing to lose.” He was trying to convince me that it was still worth it to try. That I should spend the whole day learning the song, go try out and face my fears and see what happens.

He was so right.

I spent the whole day trying to learn this song. And did I mention that memorizing lyrics was literally my WORST NIGHTMARE. I forgot the lyrics to a song I’d been singing for 10+ years (The National Anthem) on the biggest stage I’d ever sang on (My college’s women’s soccer game). It was the most horrific thing I have probably experienced. I messed up the words. I knew I messed up the words. And I started over.

I had literally 0 confidence in myself when it came to learning lyrics and singing without a cheat sheet! BUT I knew I had to try.

It was time to leave for the audition and I was nervous but something I have always loved about singing is knowing that no matter what, you still TRIED. You still showed up. I always try to find gratitude and perspective in that.

I get to the audition and everyone is SO NICE. My boyfriend is with me and I’m trying to not be an A HOLE out of nerves and frustration. We walk in and they were choosing people to go in order. I decided “why not just do it?!” SO I went early in the line up.

I went in, our worship leader walked me through the parts of the song I’d sing and I literally GULPED.

Ever memorize something ONE WAY and if it’s another, you’re lost?

That was me.

So I’m like “OH OK. You’re starting from bridge and then chorus and then verse and then OMGGGGGG…..”

I botched it.

I was so lost. They even let me hold my paper. I royally screwed up y’all. BUT they were accepting, understanding and AMAZING. I told them my situation and they immediately told me to just send in an audition video and we’d go from there. They prayed with me and I left with my head held high. I trusted that even though I felt like I fell flat on my face, God was working through me.

 ^^ Try out video! YES I’m in my bathroom holding a remote. Whatever works right? LOL!

I ended up getting accepted onto the team and was given instructions on moving forward. YAY!!! Except now that meant more songs to memorize and more fears to face. (gulp again)

That also meant I’d go through some training. I love the integrity behind our church’s worship team. We’re more than singers on a stage. We live and breathe worship. We learn to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. It’s like the whole process happened at the exact time I needed God MOST. It gave me a real understanding of what having a relationship with the Holy Spirit felt like. It showed me that it’s not about your talents or voice, but about what comes from your HEART on that stage. That you lead the flow of the service because people connect through music. I was so excited!!!

Then the holidays hit and we’d resume training come the new year. Next was actually SINGING! So immediately my mind was like “how the heck am I going to memorize anything?!”

And as I was practicing for our weekly development meeting my boyfriend said the best thing ever. He reminded me that if I’m constantly focusing on not being able to remember the words, I won’t. I have to connect to them. I have to really believe that I can do it if I expect to do it. I have to align with this calling. And as my pap always says, “Ask Jesus to guide you through everything you do.” SO I did. I’ll never forget going to development that week and KNOWING THE WORDS! I felt comfortable on stage for the first time in my LIFE. I had some presence. And from then on I was welcomed on to start serving during our services.

I want to give you a little bit more back story as we move into this final piece of this story.

Remember how I said I just never knew what I was supposed to do with singing. I tried so many different things. I always stepped up to the plate and typically did well except a few times….

I always felt terrible and so guilty that I didn’t love to just get up and sing as much as people wanted me to. I LOVED this gift, but I felt like I hadn’t quite found what I was REALLY supposed to be doing with it. It wasn’t my dream to sell records. It wasn’t really even my dream to be on American Idol or America’s Got Talent. I just tried those things and showed up because I thought maybe it would become my dream or if that’s what I was meant for, God would work it all out. I will admit though, it was my dream to make people feel some type of way through music. I loved that. I loved doing that. It was just GETTING me to do it!

I’d never been on stage and felt really comfortable. I’d never been able to memorize not one song but 3-5! I’d never really LOVED performing and been excited to do it again because of how nervous I was.

Last night serving with our worship team was the most FUN I’ve ever had using my gift. I felt comfortable. I felt so CALLED. I felt confident in my abilities and knowing the words.

I felt like I was exactly where I’ve always been meant to be. 

It all began to make sense.

A lot led me there though. A lot of resistance. And I really do believe what we’re most called to do we’ll resist. It’s scary, right? When I walked into our church the first time I remember thinking “wow I’d love to be up there leading with them!” AND THEN I was like “OMG that would mean I’d have to do XYZ…) *gulp* *nevermind* *justkidding* haha!

It was a beautiful experience. Being a part of the sound that leads the service is something I can barely describe. Being able to serve God in that way!!! I felt the Holy Spirit working through me. I felt the energy of the young kids dancing and praising right off the stage. I felt lives being changed and people being saved.

For the first time in my entire life, I can confidently say I’m EXCITED to do it again! The work that goes into it and the training are nothing compared to being able to serve this way.

God took his time on me. He really developed me and helped me be exactly who I needed to be for all this and what’s to come.

Let this remind you that if you’re stuck, confused, maybe you don’t see your gifts, maybe you can’t see what he’s trying to do through you.

Maybe you need to step out in faith.

Maybe you’re making yourself feel unequipped when really you have everything you need in Him.

Maybe you can’t see how the wilderness you’re currently in could ever get better.

It will.

I’m saying that because I believe it in my whole heart and that’s what you’ll have to do too.

I hope you let this story remind you that you CAN do anything through Him. That you can continue to face your fears. That failure is never really failure. That there is MORE on the other side of everything you’re unsure of. That it’s not about our gifts, but how we use them.

Let God take his time on you.

And girlfriend, you better give Him some PRAISE! 


Pumpkin Spice and Everything’s NICE!

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Our Love Story

The One Where We Moved Into A House

LITERALLY the day after we got back from our trip to Mexico, Darren came home after having lunch with his son and said something along the lines of “I have to tell you something and you might freak out a little bit but I think it’s going to be okay…”

And I’m like HUH?! HAHA! I specifically remember starting to sweat.

What he did say to me at first made me feel frustrated and freaked and THEN I saw it as a positive, exciting opportunity. But most of all, I felt like it was on purpose.
The people we were renting from told him they decided they wanted to sell the townhouse we were living in like ASAP. Meaning, they would contact us the next day to come over and check things out to put it on the market.
We decided right away we didn’t want to be on their time though, just waiting around to see if it sold AND THEN find a place. We immediately hopped in the car that day and had so much fun browsing around and just checking things out.
YES I will get mushy during this. It was the first time we were “shopping around” for a place to live TOGETHER. When we first met he was helping me find a good place to live (just me). Then I moved in with him where he was because we felt that was the best decision rather than finding something different.
We started shopping around and realized that it might be harder than we thought.
We weren’t looking to buy. We didn’t buy the house we’re in. That would’ve been really fast LOL! Because we aren’t quite there YET but we are enjoying every step of this journey TOO!
So we started looking and found some places. Checked them out and had some disagreements but for the most part we wanted SPACE, a yard and a relatively newer feel because where we were before was SO outdated.
We checked a few places out and after we looked at a house that we THOUGHT we’d love more but ended up just kinda NOT, I was feeling discouraged. I was scared that we’d have to just SETTLE for something because we felt rushed and just stressed about the whole thing. By settle, in no way did I feel like any of the houses would’ve SUCKED. We would’ve had a roof over our head. But at the same time, I had this DREAM built up in my mind that it’d feel right. I wanted it to feel right.
So after leaving that showing I went over to my best’s house and started explaining everything, filling them in more and more. And her hubby (being the researching type) went to work. He immediately got on his phone while I was complaining (LOL) and found a few AMAZING spots. Because honestly, things were getting listed QUICK but also taken down QUICK. So he showed me the house we’re in now that was AMAZING. Literally checked all the boxes. Neighborhood, design, NEWLY REMODELED, open floor plan and SPACE. Even in our price range which I still can’t believe.
So in my frantic “what do I have to lose” mindset I called the number listed with it like (OH IDK) 3-4 times. Maybe 5? Finally the guy called me back and I was so eager and excited that I said we wanted to see as soon as we could. We made an appointment for the next morning.
*glimmer of hope*
We went to see it and just fell in love. Plus the guy renting it was just so nice. There was history with the home even though it felt brand new when we walked in! So we told him we were very interested and he gave us an application along with warning us he’d make a decision SOON so bring it back as soon as we can. SO of course we did that day (thankfully)! When I took it back he said he’d make a decision (soon) so still there was a grey area. And he mentioned that 7 other families had returned one as well. This all had to have happened within 48 hours PS.
I went home and just thought “WELL, if it’s meant to be it will be.” I was stressing but I was also confident that if we were meant to live there, we would. If not, something even better would come along. I trusted God in that aspect. That night that’s exactly what I prayed for. I didn’t pray FOR THE HOUSE. I prayed for where we were MEANT TO BE. For what God wanted.
The next morning I wake up and see this number on my phone around 8:30. It was the landlord saying he’d like to give us FIRST DIBS because after a lot of consideration, he felt I was the MOST PERSISTENT in pursuing the house. Remember those 4 missed calls he had from me? No really, it was by the grace of God. It really was.
So …
Wednesday we FOUND the house online and inquired.
Thursday we went to see it and return the application.
Friday we got the call that we had first dibs and we took it.
Yes we did some considering on our end too. Because it was a stretch all at once to make this leap but it felt right and we couldn’t deny that. And guess what, we had what we needed and it worked out. Again, I say this in all seriousness, this opportunity, this crazy thing couldn’t have come at a better time for us although it seemed so random.
The following Wednesday (a week from FINDING the house) we were moving in. We got the Uhaul and did it in a day. With the help of family and friends of course LOL!

It was absolutely insane. A whirlwind. And to be honest, something I’ll remember and cherish forever. We had a blast packing up. Even though it was exhausting, we made it fun. The experience made us stronger in so many ways.
On Thursday after moving everything, we went back to our old place to do some touching up and grab a few more things and I teared up when we left. We were officially handing in our keys that day.
I was like WAIT this was our first place together. Darren told me he loved me on that back porch for the first time. We sat in this driveway for hours talking when we first started dating. We had some (passionate disagreements) here as Darren liked to call them that helped shape us in so many amazing ways. I grew closer to Boston here (his son). I built my business in the windowsill of our bedroom. We made so many amazing meals. GOSH I could go on and on about the memories. SERIOUSLY. And what’s so funny is a lot of them weren’t these BIG moments, but really small times where we were just BEING.
And as we were driving away, as I was shedding some tears telling Darren how much that place really did mean to me, how we made it OUR first home together, how we fought HARD for where we were moving TO, how I took my business that was going backwards 10 steps forward from sitting in the corner in our bedroom, believing and doing the work! And he said that it didn’t matter the PLACE, all that mattered was WHO we were with. That the memories will always be sweet as long as we’re together.
I personally grew a lot in that townhouse. I had never lived with my significant other before and it brought out more growth IN ME personally than anything. It’s not always necessarily your relationship that needs work, it’s YOU! And therefore your relationship WORKS. There were days where we had to pick each other up to keep going. And keep going we did. We would’ve NEVER been able to make all of this happen 6-8 months ago. God had his own vantage point the WHOLE time. And we’re beyond grateful for that.
Our girl is pretty happy with her yard, too.
80 Day Obession

The BEACHBAR is here!

Team Beachbody’s first ever SNACK BAR!!

I am so excited for this!!! Mainly because there are times when we ALLLL want to reach for that quick snack on the go, the kind you can keep in your desk or throw in your purse or grab when you’re already 10 minutes late! But unfortunately the options are limited. You know the integrity behind Shakeology, our performance line, even the “kiddos” shake Daily Sunshine, and these bars are no different.

Coming in TWO delicious flavors: Chocolate Cherry Almond and Peanut Butter Chocolate!


Why get some for yourself? 
  • This crunchy, chewy snack bar as 10g of protein, 4g of fiber, just 150 calories, and only 5-6g of sugar. CALORIE for CALORIE, BEACHBAR has a higher proportion of satisfying protein per calorie compared to four other leading snack bars. (you’ll see that in a bit!)
  • Exceptional protein to sugar ratio! Both flavors of BEACHBAR are made with whey protein crips, versus some other leading brands which are made with a fruit base. This means BEACHBAR delivers more satisfying, muscle-promoting protein than actual sugar per bar.
  • Research Shows taste is the #1 decision making factor in choosing a bar and BEACHBAR delivers. Packed with nut pieces and nut butters, crunchy protein crisps, dried fruit, and real chocolate chips. Yeah, my mouth is already watering.
  • It’s ALSO going to fit into our container counts!!! That’s right! If you are a portion fix follower, one bar will count as 1/2 red, 1/2 yellow, 1tsp. SO that means I’ll be having 2 at once! (LOL!)
  • BOTH flavors are GLUTEN FREE, have 0g TRANS FAT, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
How does the BEACHBAR compare to other bars? My MAIN question actually! Because I was just scoping out bars yesterday at a sports store and saw SO MANY! Like SO MANY! This blew my mind.
  • Calorie for calorie, BEACHBAR has a higher proportion of satisfying protein and fiber per calorie and a lower proportion of sugar per calorie than four other leading snack bars.

What does this mean?

It means that you are getting a delicious, satisfying snack bar with less sugar than protein AND 4g of fiber!!! #score

See how it stacks up to other popular bars! This is what BLEW MY MIND! 

The Glycemic Index (GI) measures the effect of a food on blood glucose. The BEACHBAR is LOW glycemic! Low-GI foods release their carbs slowly, causing a lower blood glucose response. This helps avoid a large spike in blood sugar and the “crash”, or dip in blood glucose that often follows and may cause you to feel sluggish.
How much will they cost?

The one box option: $39.80 (customer price) and $29.85 (coach discount price)! That comes to ABOUT $2 a bar with the discount WHICH was about what I would’ve paid at the store yesterday (less than some actually) and I’ll be getting them ALL AT ONCE to use whenever I want.


The two box option:

2 boxes of your choice of flavor for $79.60 (customer price) OR $59.70 (coach discount price)! Again, when I crunch the numbers, it comes to $1.99 with the discounted price. I keep thinking about CONVENIENCE and QUALITY over everything!


Three box option:

3 boxes of your choice of flavor for $119.40 (customer price) OR $89.55 (coach discount price)! Where my families at? We will be going with the three box option! I personally want this incorporated into my daily routine, my boyfriend works LONG hours so he’ll be taking 2+ with him to work and his son is with us almost 50% of the time (especially come summer) and this will be great for him when he’s wanting something quick for a snack! Same price per bar with this price!

NOTE: Current CUSTOMERS can become DISCOUNT COACHES at ANY TIME to either START a business with me as their mentor and earn discounts on all their products OR they can become a coach to SOLELY earn the discounts on ALL their products! #winning

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80 Day Obession

Meet Me Halfway

I am absolutely blown away.

I’m not kidding when I say it’s hard for me to put this experience into words and we’re only just now reaching the halfway point. I think my facial expressions from day one to now say it all.

There’s so much power in saying I will and then you do. I would not have made it this far though without my group of incredible ladies doing this program with me! I’m asked a lot how I stay motivated and that’s how. I used to HATE going to basketball practices, but my team would be there and they gave me a reason to show up. Same thing with this kinda. Growth and change are never really that easy, but they’re worth it. SO having a group around you that inspires you to SHOW up makes it a heck of a lot easier. A group that you can tune into when it’s convenient for you (PS) because it’s on an APP!

Because yes, at first when you are trying to implement new actions and new habits, that first starts with your brain telling you to do it. And if your brain isn’t used to it or comfortable, it’ll immediately feel FEAR. But that’s just the natural thing for our brain to do. Say warning — go the other way. DANGER! When in reality, staying the same is the dangerous way to live. If you can prepare yourself for that and fight through it with the help of other girls going through the same (and ME), those uncomfortable actions begin to feel normal.

That’s what’s happening here.

We didn’t just commit to that for a week or 2. In fact, I think now that makes it SO HARD. Dive in and give it your all for 80 days. And I guarantee there will be less “starting over” going on. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling.

I was talking to a girl today who is seeing insane results, she’s stuck with this longer than anything before and she’s like UMMM what’re we gonna do when this is over? I was like DUHH keep going!!! haha!

SO let me share some logistics. Because I’m speechless over the results. And people have even been hating on our trainer saying there’s just no way, and truthfully, that may just be because you’ve never seen the results I’ve seen or the random girl you’re stalking on Instagram because YOU’RE NOT ME. Or her. We’ve stayed really focused on running our own race because the race itsself has been the best part.

The eating.

I don’t know if you remember or not, but I was pretty terrified of this eating plan. I heard the word “timed” and thought “NOPE, NO WAY!” and I soon realized this was going to FREE me. I think the WHOLE REASON so many of us struggle, I know it’s why I did for so long, is it’s just EASIER in the moment to grab fast food. To make the quickest choice. To just fly by the seat of your pants. And it doesn’t mean you’re in food jail if you create some kind of plan and follow it except this one’s already made for you so it’s EVEN EASIER! “Timed” really just means — “hey you need to be eating about every 2-3 hours to help your body build a faster metabolism and feel it’s best.”


But for example, I already know every single day what foods I’ll be eating at what times and what combinations of things. And it’s not rocket science (thank god)! I don’t have to sit at the dinner table and count any calories or macros, micros, it’s already done for me. I go by colors. That’s right. COLORS which are assigned to food groups that are portioned out. But the game changer is — I don’t even have to arrange those colors throughout the day. Basically trying to figure out when to eat vegetables and when to eat my carbs is DONE for me. SO all we do is know what’s coming and have it available.

I follow nothing fancy. And after a WEEK I was in a groove. I remember always trying to just “eat every 2-3 hours” and I would.. I’d eat the worst food ever haha! This makes my life EASIER even though I thought it was going to ruin it LOL! I went to my friend’s last night to babysit and I just took food with me. I knew what I’d eat when and I thought like …. “WOW! I didn’t have to like stress about ordering take out or like wonder when I’d eat..” I just KNEW. There has been so much freedom in this discipline. Also within that plan is an already made up blend of superfoods, veggies, proteins, pre and probiotics, vitamins, minerals, so that’s one less meal I “make”! OH AND it’s chocolate.

The workouts.

These are tough. I won’t lie. And if you’ve been following along on my Insta stories, you better not be thinking… “there’s no way”! Girl. There is. First off you’re seeing me in the middle when you’d start at day one just like me. This program is designed to progress as YOU get stronger. And trust me, you will.

They are different every day with certain focused ones like booty day, legs, cardio, but ALL so very entertaining. I love that I am really feeling like I’m at a personal training session but just in my living room. I really, really never looked forward to a workout. I just looked at it like I need to do this because it does make me feel good. But now the workout is one of my favorite parts of my day. Never thought I’d say that but it’s true.

We’re utilizing specific equipment that’s so chill. I’m not talking a bowflex. I’m talking like colorful loops that will be the best and worst enemy of your tush.

Not stopping now.

I’m really excited to just keep going. Because this really is so much more than a physical process. I feel very connected to myself. And that might seem kinda cliche, but I think it’s just when you don’t feel like you NEED something external to make you feel good internally.

It’s never too late to join us. I’ll be opening up another group like the one I described to get ready for summer! Don’t wait. If you’ve been wondering, just get in touch. Because I told my BF today how GLAD I am that I jumped on this when I did. I’d be so mad at myself if I wouldn’t have just dove in totally freaked out and scared because it’s made the journey that much more rewarding and I’ve learned more for it.

I look forward to chatting!


Why do we have to be on something?

And by on something I mean the wagon, the horse, the train, whatever you’re calling it these days when you refer to your “healthier” lifestyle.

I’ve seen the wagon (I’m gonna go with that) seriously keep me from moving forward in a lot of areas of my life. But mainly when it came to my fitness and nutrition when I had the goal to really change some things. I was super miserable and really defeated about 35 pounds heavier but more than that, letting a wagon control my life, which by the way is why I was so miserable and defeated.

This wagon has kept many of the girls I work with from seeing the progress they’re TOTALLY capable of. Notice I said progress. Because this really isn’t about an end result. It’s about getting better every day.

First things first, let’s think about it this way: if you were never on something, you literally COULDN’T fall off.

If it didn’t even exist, then falling off wouldn’t either.

And neither would trying to get back on.

So let’s take the wagon off the table, out of our minds, out of sight. It will not serve you AT ALL. I bet you don’t wake up after just kinda a rough day or difficult break that life hits you with and say you’ve fallen off and need to get back on. Nope. You JUST keep going. Because there’s no alternative.

How about looking at it like that; like you have no other choice. I’ll get to the mindset that comes with that, but it’s important that you finally LET GO of the wagon. It’s really only there I think to mess with your head. To give you a reason to tell yourself you’ve failed. To make it seem SO HARD to get back on when in reality — it’s really not.

Did you know you are the one who can control and decide whether or not you think you’ve failed?

Failure REALLY is whenever your result doesn’t match up to whatever pre conceived expectations you had.

I’m not saying lower your expectations or standards or goals. But I am saying that if you fall short, you can decide whether or not you want to say it’s a failure or exactly what it is which is just a moment you can LEARN from.

Maybe it’s a Friday night and you’re heading out with friends and you just started working on creating some balance in your life and making healthier decisions to lose some weight or just feel BETTER in your skin. You go out and you’re totally determined to not have any alcohol or veer from the healthier options you know are on the menu. But you do. Then because you tell yourself you failed and you’re “off the wagon” that gives you permission to stay off and crush the chips and the bottle of wine once you get home too. Then comes Sunday and you know it’s a new week and you can “get back on track” but because you’ve spent the whole weekend feeling “off”, it feels IMPOSSIBLE to make any steps forward. Really ONLY because you spent the whole weekend telling yourself you FAILED. Which isn’t that inspiring if I’m being honest. And it’s definitely why you feel like you can’t get off this hamster wheel.

Speaking from experience because that was me. Rinse and repeat. It was such a vicious cycle. Only most times that would happen and I’d be in my head coaching myself to believe I’d failed for WAY LONGER than a weekend. And don’t get me wrong, I have weekends where I do exactly those things now. Eat whatever I want, have way too much wine. But not as often and there’s not a self loathing party afterward, which makes indulging like WAY MORE FUN. 😉

If there was no wagon and NO option for failure (because you get to decide), I bet you’d take that night and think to yourself, “Ya know what, I know I could’ve done BETTER. But this is a learning experience. And next time I’ll have one less drink and skip the bread before my meal and go home satisfied. Next time I’m not going to put myself down and I bet I make better choices and feel better about myself because of it.”

That is how I learned to THINK. 

I can’t tell you how many times in the last 3 years I could’ve told myself over and over “you’ve screwed up!!”

But really what good does that do?

All that you have is the NEXT CHOICE.

Yes. Choice.

You can choose to continue on (not get back on). You can choose to just show up and try harder the next day. AND THEN one day it’s going to feel like second nature. It’s going to feel easy to do those things that once felt so foreign and difficult. You won’t be craving the donuts in the lunch room because you know they’re not really what you need. You won’t skip your workouts because you know how much better you’ll feel. You won’t put yourself down because you know you can overcome anything. 

Let GO of the wagon, horse, train and just visualize a road where you can keep laying bricks every day that you can build on and then start laying more than one as you feel stronger. Keep building a strong foundation because THEN you’ll never crumble. 

80 Day Obession

It’s only week two?!

…..Because I can’t believe how far we’ve come ALREADY!

Just completed week 2 and it’s definitely getting easier. Which is crazy because week 2 was always the toughest for me but I actually really listened to my body and bumped up an eating bracket. I’m eating MORE and losing MORE. Interesting how I always thought to lose the weight or inches, I needed to be eating less. Once again, this program proves that wrong. Oh and I’m up a pound, but I am NOT stressing about that. Mainly because I’ve lost 2.5 inches JUST off my waist. So I’ll take going up a pound.

That’s the thing. You have to decide if the scale will rule your life. It really never has for me, and I believe that’s why I’ve seen consistent success.

This program has begun a revolution! I heard from the creator herself, Autumn Calabrese, that DAILY around 200,000 people are logging into our fitness app and COMPLETING these workouts. This is bigger than some inches lost and a booty being lifted (although, I’m not mad about that) haha! This is about a community coming together in a BIG way. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years and I’ve never seen this many people start and still be here finishing up week 2. Why? Well it somewhere along the line in those moments of instant gratification becomes easier to quit on yourself. To just give up. But in reality, that’s not the easy decision. That’s the one that sets you up for tougher ones later. Instead we’ve all come together and decided we’re going to do this to the best of our abilities. Which DOES look different for everyone. This program wasn’t designed JUST for someone looking to tone, but also for someone who has A MASSIVE transformation to under go and I’m seeing it happen right before my eyes. This was created for anyone who wants to work on having a positive attitude through it all. HENCE why so many people are seeing results and sticking around.

In our community, especially so far, we are leaving the complaining at the door. We are leaving the scarcity mindset behind us. We are staying focused on what we’re gaining from this newfound discipline we’re all slowly but surely creating. From this POWER we’re feeling when we do something we never thought possible, or because we are making it through the day focused on the good instead of the bad. We are cheering each other on and celebrating BIG wins! But also creating a space for you to come and be REAL. I’ve done it, my girls have done it. It’s not to say this is easy. But what worth having is? Remember how I said it may seem easier to just throw in the towel? It’s def not. It’s easier to just give yourself grace, show up and keep going. Excuses only make things HARDER.

More from the group!!!

A post I shared today:

“I want you guys to know how excited I am for you that you’re doing this long, challenging program! Here’s why!

That was me like 3 years ago far left! I had just completed my 2nd 21 day fix extreme workout and was DEAD! But I felt SO GOOOOOD in that picture I remember. I was so proud of myself for DOING IT!!!!! And over the last 3 years, I have found INSANE results with ALL of these programs. MAINLY shakeology! It’s why I never put the 35-40 pounds back on. But I WOULD go up and down a lot. I’d either be in or out. And it would be frustrating at times. I’m not 80/20 ing this program, yet I’m finding BALANCE 😭 and freedom 🙌🏼

And fitness, health, your body, it all takes TIME! And that’s what I want you to see here.
USE IT WISELY with 80 day obsession. Because even tho these photos are years apart, I feel had I committed to something like this then, it would’ve been a game changer in SO MANY WAYS! What you

’re doing right now is setting you up for the rest of your life. Because come April when we’re done, this will just BE your way of life.
Here I am now tho in a bod

y I’ll be honest I’m SO MF PROUD OF!!!!!! This is about progress guys. Always doing better. ENJOYING THE RIDE! You will never be happy if you’re here f

or punishment or because u resent urself. Trust the process, eat, drink ur shakeology and just do your best 💕

Second pic is week 1 to now. I bumped up a bracket and lost 2 1/2 inches in my waist. But went up a pound 😉. I’ve never focused on that and I’m not gonna now! It’s all in the inches!!

I hope you see we all start somewhere. And your results are a direct reflection of showing up with hard work and effort + time = L O V E”


I am changing the way I look at life. I feel more present, positive, more proud. I’m really not stressed out about what I’m going to be eating next or how crappy the pizza and beer I had all weekend is making me feel. You may be thinking that a “plan” of any kind is stressful for food. Or at least I used to. Totally not the case. If anything, this is the easiest plan I’ve ever followed. The portion containers stay in the same arrangement ALL DAY. So that doesn’t mean I eat the same things, I just always know what I need to eat. It makes it easy to plan ahead, to switch up the grub. Also when eating out it’s great too. This isn’t about like not having butter or never eating a carb. It’s just all about portioning it out. I went out to eat this last week and had cod, roasted veggies, and potatoes. And ya know, it fit perfectly into my final meal. I didn’t need all the extras we sometimes think we need when we’re out to eat. I felt more engaged in the convo, more comfortable after my meal. Sometimes when I’d eat out, I’d eat so MUCH that I was legit ready to peace out after eating because I felt sick and uncomfortable. We stayed and talked for 2 more hours!!!

I’m excited to coach the next wave of girls! I’ve learned a lot so far! It’s incredible to not only be working on your best self, but doing it with others who are trying too! We are a force!

Fill out the link below to join us!

80 Day Obession

Learning, loving and letting go!

What an exciting, yet trying, first week!

I am learning a lot about my body. The first few days especially I felt very tired, groggy, my head was hurting. You might be thinking, “lol some plan…” but that’s where you’re wrong. I was eating SO badly, that my body felt shell shocked by the whole foods and nutrition and the way harder workouts and new timed eating. So while it was tough, I actually really enjoyed listening to myself and my needs. I got more sleep, drank more water and let myself heal and gain strength. Feeling like a million bucks now!

Also learning about the amount of food it actually takes to be fueled, burn fat, build muscle and gain strength. I am in a group with the creator of the program and about 40K more people. All in which are on totally different journeys but very shocked by the amount of food, their reactions (bloated and gassy) and how they’re not immediately dropping weight. The bloat and gas is again just your body adjusting to the foods and the stress from the workouts. WHICH gets better. But yes, one or two meals a day isn’t going to help you shed that unwanted weight or tone those certain areas. There’s a lot of fitness in that too, but it is mainly nutrition. Our bodies are like pretty badass and they need a lot to stay on top of their game to begin BURNING and BUILDING!

OMG I am loving the energy behind this program. It had one of the biggest launches our company has ever seen. And my personal group has about 50 people in it including some of the coaches on my team. We have a wellness group with about 300 people in it. But more than the numbers who are there, people are SHOWING UP in a big way. Sharing their journey, doing the hard and uncomfortable and it’s inspiring! Honestly, I used to do some classes with some friends back in college but we were only together for 30 mins to an hour. SO what about the rest of the day when you’re on your plan and trying to do your best? THAT is why staying plugged in on our phones in an app is so great! Checking in whenever for support and love.

Also loving the freedom I am feeling from the discipline! I’ve been utilizing the color coded portion containers for a few years now. And man did they change the game for me, but this took it to a whole new level. Specific meals (color combinations) at specific times of day that work into your schedule. At first we were ALL like that seems kinda scary. How the HECK will we do that? One week in and I’m like YES! The container combos are the same, but your meals don’t have to be. You can mix and match each food group. BUT it’s super easy to learn what to eat when. By day 5 I had my meals memorized and I just knew what to eat when. There was total freedom in that. It feels structured, sure… but wouldn’t you rather just be told what to eat to see the best results possible then have more work in weighing things, figuring out what goes where?

Plus adding in my superfoods smoothie doesn’t suck. It’s chocolate and it’s meal plan approved. It’s actually required because your results depend on it! It’s saving me time and money each week. The amount that the ingredients in just ONE smoothie costs is like $84+ dollars because of the vitamins, minerals, pre and pro biotics, superfoods from across the world. And I’m totally rocking it for $4 a day!

I am letting go of the finish line. I was actually chatting with a bff of mine doing this program too and we chatted about the no booze factor because we decided to REALLY follow this thing and see it through it’s entirety. Really testing the program (being that we’re some of the first ones) and testing ourselves by seeing JUST what we’re made of. I’ve done that before with a 3-4 week program but never something that’s going to span over 3 months. When this was coming out, I had myself convinced there was literally NO WAY. But I’ve found a lot of strength in just trusting a day by day mindset.

Of course there will be testing times when you’re working towards such big goals, but that’s why they’re BIG goals. It’s actually freeing when you just decide this is the way it is and that’s IT. When you give yourself that wiggle room, it makes it harder I think. And that’s why I failed so many times. I know some of this isn’t forever, but right now in my mind – it is. I’m not letting myself go towards what I’m not having, not getting. But instead what I am gaining, what I get to experience through this. I went from stuffing my face every day with cookies, chips and beer to just NOT. And it’s been a lot easier because of that thought process.

I just took some week 1 progress pics to see where I’m at and seriously SOOO excited at how subtle the changes are. Which I must admit is totally not like me. But there’s something about what I’m going through that’s making me want to WORK for it. I’m excited for this process because I believe it’ll bring an even greater reward. And when you’re working towards that thing that scares you, that you’ve never done, or that major change, it’s tough to see it over night or in just one week. But as the weeks compound, MY GOSH I think we’re all going to be shocked.

A little clean eating can go a long way!
I felt so much more relaxed standing there!

I’ll be taking photos all throughout this journey. I’m even going to take more “befores” at the end of week 1 (right now). Because there is a LOT of growth to be had. My coach told me to go for my dream body and I am DOING that! It’s not going to just show in “losses” either. ❤ Share with me your thoughts!

Thanks babes!

80 Day Obession

Here we go!

It’s the weekend prior and I gotta tell ya, I am feeling the butterflies. Mainly because I’m making the mistake of seeing it as a lump sum of 80 days.

Yes. That’s how long this program is going to run.

And no. I’ve never done something this long with the attitude that I’m going all the way!

Meaning that I’m going all in. I’ve really learned that you have to give yourself that discipline to see the results you want. And if you don’t, you have to understand the outcomes will be different. SO your actions have to match your expectations and my expectations are high. 

I really want to get in peak physical condition because I never have. I’ve never gone down a road this strenuous and tough. Most of my journey up until now has been weight loss focused from falling off track or getting to this place in the first place losing 35+ pounds collectively. But my goals with this are to not only lose what doesn’t need to be there but instead gain. Gain the strongest perspective I’ve ever had along with one strong booty. Yup this program is abs and booty focused and I’m going to be loving the sculpting aspect.

The nutrition feels a little scary. Full disclosure, I’ve never successfully meal prepped 2+ weeks in a row. Most programs I’ve been successful with were a month tops and while I learned A TON that I worked into my daily life and routine, I still never felt something just become part of habit. I know if I want to be successful in these 80 days, those habits are going to HAVE to be formed. And then without even realizing it, they’ll continue because over that time I really took the time to develop my routine.

DEVELOP being another key word.

I’m working with myself and my challengers to really keep us focused on who and what we’re developing with this. It’s going to be a process. There will be no instant rewards. But even better than that, those small wins over that period of time will be the most fun to celebrate. I want to develop myself through this. My mindset, my work ethic, my perspective. I want to be sharper, more focused, more everything while keeping my health in the center.

That was actually the original purpose behind this – to become obsessed with your health. And it’s not just as cut and dry as workouts and food, but also getting more sleep, improving my relationships, growing my business, doing big things!!! It’s OK to be obsessed with taking care of yourself. I’m actually uncertain right now why we all aren’t, all the time?

If you think about it we only get one of these lives. And I hate to go there, to the deep stuff. But it’s true.

Every time I get ready to make some big shifts, I really put myself in that place. I remind myself what really matters, what you really need to be happy and how important being your best self is for everyone else around you. It’s so easy to just give, give, give to others and think we’re doing the right thing but only if we’re first filling our cup and have something to give.

YALL! It’s the afternoon of day one and before I posted I just wanted to add a little reflection on what it’s been like so far.

This morning came kinda ROUGH! I didn’t get up at the time I planned, I’m not used to eating right before a workout, and I started to get all anxious. So I made a little video log for you!! (In video – what I meant is I don’t recommend NOT eating before a workout)

My nutrition has been DELISH! I’m excited to share more at the end of the week how it’s been to continue with it. I wanted to go this full week and work out any kinks I saw to share a meal plan with you!!! But knowing exactly what color containers to eat when is so far freeing.

I’m excited. Focused. Little scared. But overall grateful.

I woke up today. And I had the opportunity to really become BETTER today. That’s more than I can ask for.


My 2017 year in review!


This was still to this day one of my favorite days for many reasons. Darren and I took a little two day trip down to Orlando to see my dad and many men I’ve known my whole life. We got to have dinner with them and then Darren joined in for golf the next day! I got to ride along too!

Besides getting to spend time with two of my fav guys, seeing them have fun together, seeing my guy totally handle the fear and pressure he was feeling (LOL) something I remember most was it being one of Darren and I’s first “road trips” together that brought us so close. We stayed up talking about our future all night and shared so much about ourselves that strengthened our love in a whole new way. It was an amazing way to start a year! We had a blast! 


My first birthday (turned 24) away from home and although I was really missing my family and friends (especially my grandpa who I share a birthday with) it was amazing to make all new memories in a whole new way. Since my friend Natalie had actually moved away not long after we became so close, we’d never celebrated together!

PLUS it was sunny and warm here in FL when typically I’m making bday plans around snow storms. To top it all off, I shared it with someone I love so much. It really was the best day. I just watched FRIENDS all day then laughed with friends all night.

I also made the decision to walk away from my bartending job to pursue my coaching business full time. This is in no way a requirement for coaching, but it was a dream and desire of mine to work my butt off for the freedom in return. I still can’t believe I ACTUALLY did it to this day, but what means even more to me is knowing I’ve fought hard for what I have every day since. It’s taught me a lot, I’ve grown a lot, been through a lot but it’s really just prepared me for the goals I have set for this year.

Couldn’t have done it without my friend and coach, Natalie! She treated me to some celebrating that day!


One of my very best friends who I will say went through a lot with me in high school especially came to visit! She’d seen me go through heart break after heart break, one major learning experience after another and really we grew up a lot together. Probably should’ve gotten in more trouble than we ever did but it was SOOOO surreal to host her at my apt in Jacksonville and then spend an evening / night out with her and Darren. I strangely felt so adult. It was the first time something exciting was happening that I didn’t have to worry about taking off work for and it felt amazing. Great times!

Introducing my friend’s kid, Marra. Who is so so so special to me. I’ve watched her grow all year and I am still so excited to see her continue to grow up. This selfie collage about killed my heart! THE CUTENESS! (you’re welcome)


We celebrated my boyfriend’s son’s birthday at the alligator farm! I had been in his life more and more and it was so special to be a part of his big day. He’s a special kid with a big heart and so many people who love him. I absolutely teared up seeing him blow out his candles!!! 

ANDDD we went to PUNTA CANA!

Each year my company gives you the opportunity to earn a vacation that’s all inclusive for you AND a guest. It was the first year I achieved all the benchmarks I needed to earn it in full. It was just extra for doing a job I love, helping people become healthier in every way! I must say though, the best part was really being able to treat Darren to it. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s like I fell in love with him 10x’s over on this trip. I don’t know WHAT HAPPENED but he turned into Rico Suave, bonded in a big way with all the other “men” from the team, we danced every single night away and his support for me and what I do grew massively. We left the country together and made it through all the mayhem with minimal arguments (HAHA!) and it was just an experience I’ll never forget. It was a first of many! 

We had so much fun with some of our closest friends! Some who we hadn’t met until this trip but really the BEST people! I feel so blessed to know you all!

I also got to spend Easter on the BEACH! Can’t say I’ve ever done that but it was an amazing one for sure!


My sister graduated AND got engaged …. ON THE SAME DANG DAY!

It was sooooooooo amazing. She’s worked her butt off for that moment and she really did find her match. She took the long way around when it comes to education and knowing what you want, but I so admire her perseverance because she’s exactly where she’s meant to be. Now she’s living in Maryland teaching and her wedding is in June! I’m not sure when we grew up, but I think it’s safe to say – we’re grown up! I’m so happy for her!


My momma came to visit!!! We had so much fun on this trip. Going to the beach, eating as much as we possibly could, painting my furniture and so on and so forth. It also meant a lot to me that she got to spend more time with Darren! She even got me hooked on a new show! (Good Behavior on TNT!!! Umm — amazing!) My mom and I’s one on one time has always been special to me because it really was both of us for so long! I love you mom!

At Top Golf!

Darren and I also celebrated our one year anniversary! I left it totally up to him for our plans and he knocked it out of the park. We’re “experience” people! He took me to a dance class for the very first time and I legit couldn’t stop smiling the entire time lol! I LOVE being surprised too and he did so good! This night however ended with a pretty big blow up fight. Maybe it was one of those ironic things being it was our anniversary but it was a pivotal moment in our relationship. We’d not communicated up until that point about a LOT that we were facing but after both pushing up our sleeves and realizing we needed to not just love each other, but WORK on the relationship we wanted – things changed in a big way. It was a wake up call and one I’m grateful for. We both learned a lot and we’ll definitely NEVER forget that anniversary!


Wowza, what a month! Traveled to New Orleans for our annual Coach Summit! I had the honor to accompany my BFF and coach to the elite reception for our team earning Elite (and her totally kicking ass) so I felt like a TOTAL princess in her dress as well! She offered it to me to just try on and well, I died. It was so much fun! We got to learn from the BEST in our business, grow astronomically and I left there changed. This year, we’re headed in Indianapolis!

After the SUPER workout in downtown New Orleans!
The diva inside me had to share!
Our amazing team!


More besties came to visit and we moved in together!!! Talk about a week for the books. I’ve known Mariah for literally as long as I can remember and her hubby Josh, well he’s watched over me since he started dating Mariah our freshman year of high school. I didn’t necessarily have much young love and definitely didn’t date any guys as great as Joshie so we became a little family. I sorta third wheeled a lot. (thanks guys) But again, having them here, hosting them, getting to show them around my new world with Darren was like heart exploding emojis everywhere! I couldn’t wait for them to get to know the guy who had my heart and bring him into our family! It was SO MUCH FUN! We definitely ate our faces off and Sunday funday’d rather hard.

Right after they left, we spent our first night living together officially! GOSH it was so crazy to believe but I tear up now thinking about NOT saying good night and good morning to him every day. Like I said, we knew we had some good old communication to work on and we did and still do! It’s a constant which I learned this year! Now looking back, I forget what it’s like to not live with him. (ok, I’m done before I get too emosh)


Our roadtrip to WV!!!! I’m emotional! LOL! Looking back on these pictures, I’m like this trip FRICKIN ROCKED!

Me and the moms in the hot tub!

Seriously, I am blown away by the serious fam time I got to have this fall. All because of that terrifying thing I did back in February and all the hard work and growth after it. This freedom brought so many memories. Got to take Darren to his first Mountaineer football game with tailgating and a trip to Keglers (the bar I worked at all through college) after!

Always remember games with dad!

College roomies reunited!

Complete with cookouts with mom and dad, golfing and of course some hot tubbing! We had breakfast every day with my grandparents at our local diner (The Cotton Patch) and made it out to my other grandparents for a day of more eating and a look at some guns! (Yes I thought my pap was intimidating Darren at first) Such an amazing trip!


My best welcomed home her hubby! This was unforgettable for many reasons, but I felt this insane amount of gratitude in the air especially this month. He got to see his little girl who has turned into a total fire cracker, hug his wifey again and just sit on his couch and watch TV which had to be such a luxury after being deployed. The joy in my friend, Natalie’s, heart had to be immeasurable. It was an amazing day to see them reunited! THEN we all got to just soak up that love all weekend. Family, friends, laughter — it was special. I’m grateful to have such good friends!

I got a surprise 100 dollar bill in the mail from THE Ceo of our company! I had reached a certain benchmark at the end of September that I seriously had no clue I was even close to reaching. Just to know that I’m over here every day working to help others become better and the guy who started this with his mission NOTICES and then pays it forward even MORE! It was so surreal.

I also for the first time and the last time painted my face for Halloween. It took me longer to do it than we stayed out that night. A chill tex mex dinner for Halloween goes down in the books for me.


I traveled way more than I thought this year haha! To Tennessee for Thanksgiving then to WV to see my Dad get married! I will admit, I was nervous about my first road trip with our dog and Darren’s son who is 7. I was like how the heck will I keep them entertained for 11 hours!? Cue some anxiety lol! But I swear, it’s like Darren breathes calm into me. He totally is the calm to my storm and we rocked it. I really did love spending the holiday with his loving family, meeting his brother for the first time, seeing Opryland, and really knowing even though I wasn’t with my family, I was still right where I felt I belonged. Boston even took an interest in the guitar and some singing. We had a lot of fun this trip and boy did Boston save me when I was driving and needed to stay awake!

Back to WV I went and it was another FULL, fun trip! I got to go with my mom to visit where my sister now lived in Maryland! We had so much fun exploring but the best part was we found a Speakeasy.

Yes, we had to press the book shelf and behind it was a bar. Then that weekend we got to see my dad get married! He really did find a woman who loves him dearly and he can be himself around. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it was a memorable day for love. SO happy for them both!

I also got to meet for the very first time some of the girls I coach. THIS was a night that reminded me how special bringing people together to fight for their best life is. I loved this so much. I am so grateful to know you girls!!!


A white Christmas in WV followed by a fun New Year’s in here in Florida. I was struggling with leaving Darren and his son for the holiday, but we knew it was best for our families. And I really DID get so much quality time in with so many. When I look back on the week, I was exhausted but for good reason. And as I look back on this year, even though I moved away from home, I feel like I spent more time and grew closer to everyone back home because I CHERISH the time we spend together now. It’s a whole new kind of gratitude. I got to see snow and all. Then coming back Darren’s family was here and we both got to stay in to ring in the new year. I’ve always been bartending or gone out for new years. I really can’t remember the last time I was just on my couch in my pj’s! But I made as many appetizers and finger foods as I could think of, we got the kids some sparklers and horns, the adults had champagne and the kids got sparking juice and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. No muss, no fuss — just food and family. I felt so grateful to be surrounded by that and to really take a moment before the new year and soak in all that 2017 brought with it.

Christmas morning!
Right after our Christmas in Florida!

Playing cards with Grandma is TOO fun!
A white, beautiful Christmas with mom!

It was an incredible year. Especially now as I look back like that, I am even MORE grateful for everything this year had to hold. May we all take what we learned, what we lost and what we gained into a new year to make it even better than before! Happy 2018!!!